There’s not much new in Azeroth lately, which is why I haven’t made a post lately.

My mother-in-law has been visiting with us for the past few days, which has put an enormous dent in my already minimal WoW time. Last night, I was able to log on for exactly fifteen minutes, which was just long enough for me to turn in two quests, ding 50, buy skills and more poison, and do a couple minutes of auction housing to get rid of my full bags.

My mother-in-law is old school. Not only does she not dig computers, she has never even owned one. Trying to explain the concept of World of Warcraft to her would be more difficult than having her sit down to translate Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Strangely enough, my mother gets WoW. She doesn’t play it, but she does play video games. Excessively. And she’s sixty years old. She has owned every generation of the Nintendo DS, recently acquiring the new DSi. She loves games that contain puzzles and also games that offer achievements (like Animal Crossing). It is not uncommon for me to bring her grandkids over to visit and she’s sitting on the couch playing with the Nintendo DS. She also owns a Sony PSP. She also owns a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSP. I don’t know why. I feel weird even typing that.

I will be thirty-nine years old this fall. I have been playing video games since I got the Atari 2600 in 1979. I didn’t play the video games much back then, though. They were fun but they sucked just enough to not allow you to become fully engrossed in them, so you went outside instead. I think that if World of Warcraft or Everquest had been released in the late seventies, we would have ceased to function as a civilization long ago.

But I digress …

My mother didn’t care that I played video games, but she had no interest in them at all until I was married with two children and I had a third on the way. Her gateway drug was the Nintendo Gamecube. In 2001, I bought Animal Crossing. My oldest son would play it sometimes while visiting with his grandmother and she liked the look of it. She would soon after buy her own Gamecube, her own copy of Animal Crossing, and the $24 guide.

It was over after that. She’s been spending money on consoles and video games since. I am not lying when I tell you that she has a Nintendo DS game collection that would rival most. I don’t even know how many games she has for her PSP.

When I think of introducing her to World of Warcraft, I shudder. I can’t imagine my mother staying up until 3AM issuing ready checks before running into Ulduar. And, yes, she would be the raid leader without a doubt.