I’ve returned after being lost for a couple of months. Congratulations, you’ve found me!

In that time, some crazy things have taken place in the World of Warcraft. Most of you know what these crazy things are, so I don’t need to go into serious detail about the. I am excitedly looking forward to Cataclysm, and that’s about all that I can say at the moment.

Elsinne Starsong has also returned, after spending a couple of months spying on Twilight’s Hammer activities in Searing Gorge. When she returned to Orgrimmar with a report, sooner than expected, she was asked why she terminated her activities so soon. “Grilled lava spider meat gets old real fast,” was her reply.

Since then, I’ve whisked Elsinne off to places like Un’goro Crater and Azshara.

In fact, this was my first official and complete run of Azshara and, I must admit, lorewise I was more than a little disappointed. Here we have arguably the most historically significant zone in the entire world and there is nothing in the zone worthwhile or interesting to do!

Sure you get to hunt down some satyrs, slay some rogue blood elves, put to rest some Highborne spirits, and attempt to medicate some nauseated Tauren in Undercity. But outside of that, there isn’t anything else going on in Azshara.

I am certainly glad that Blizzard has decided to re-roll this zone for Cataclysm (as well as add Hyjal!).

Now that I am back, there will be more consistent updates and more on Elsinne’s adventures as she gradually makes her way toward Northrend.

I will also add that I am leveling a Draenei Shaman on the side (currently level 45) so the leveling may be a bit slower than normal.