Yikes! It has been nearly two years since I updated this blog. That’s quite a long time – especially when talking about World of Warcraft.

I decided to return to the wonderful world of role-playing. I have missed it. And after being stuck in Northrend for two years, I am sure Elsinne would like to return to the warmer climates of Azeroth as well.

First off, I would like to note a surname change. Elsinne Starsong will from here forward be known as Elsinne Flaresong. That change is for a few reasons, but the chief reason is that Starsong is pretty much exclusively a kaldorei name. There was supposed to be some background as to why Elsinne’s name might have been Starsong, but it’s easier to just move forward. Flaresong it is.

I haven’t quite come up with a reason for her to have been hanging out in Northrend for two years, but I will think of something.

On a side note, I have run two non RP characters up to 85 and am participating in the Firelands dailies with one of them. I was fearful of them at first because of, well, you know … the Argent Tournament daily quests. I hated them something awful.

But these are short, friendly, and I feel like I am actually seeing some payoff in terms of story progression. I can’t wait until Elsinne catches up.