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I’ve returned after being lost for a couple of months. Congratulations, you’ve found me!

In that time, some crazy things have taken place in the World of Warcraft. Most of you know what these crazy things are, so I don’t need to go into serious detail about the. I am excitedly looking forward to Cataclysm, and that’s about all that I can say at the moment.

Elsinne Starsong has also returned, after spending a couple of months spying on Twilight’s Hammer activities in Searing Gorge. When she returned to Orgrimmar with a report, sooner than expected, she was asked why she terminated her activities so soon. “Grilled lava spider meat gets old real fast,” was her reply.

Since then, I’ve whisked Elsinne off to places like Un’goro Crater and Azshara.

In fact, this was my first official and complete run of Azshara and, I must admit, lorewise I was more than a little disappointed. Here we have arguably the most historically significant zone in the entire world and there is nothing in the zone worthwhile or interesting to do!

Sure you get to hunt down some satyrs, slay some rogue blood elves, put to rest some Highborne spirits, and attempt to medicate some nauseated Tauren in Undercity. But outside of that, there isn’t anything else going on in Azshara.

I am certainly glad that Blizzard has decided to re-roll this zone for Cataclysm (as well as add Hyjal!).

Now that I am back, there will be more consistent updates and more on Elsinne’s adventures as she gradually makes her way toward Northrend.

I will also add that I am leveling a Draenei Shaman on the side (currently level 45) so the leveling may be a bit slower than normal.


I don’t know how Blizzard will play out the events following the story as it is. But I am one of those people that secretly suspect that Sylvanas Windrunner had everything to do with the assault on the Wrathgate which, in turn, led to the deaths of Putress and, more importantly, Varimathras.

I think Sylvanas had/has it all planned out. While she was probably more than certain that Arthas would survive the assault, she would succeed in a real life test of her plague against the Scourge and against the living. But, more importantly, she would be rid of Varimathras, whom she has likely not trusted since day one. Likely she was aware of some conspiratorial activities by Varimathras and allowed these activities to continue.

Allowing the attack on Undercity would suit her purposes and would give her credibility when she went before Thrall to present herself as completely uninvolved with Putress and Varimathras.

I am of the opinion that her vengeance goes far beyond Arthas at this point. I believe that she sees her people, the Forsaken, as her own personal Scourge army which she can use for total domination once her forces are powerful enough. But since they aren’t, separating from the Horde at this point would be suicide.

I am also fairly sure that her deceptive ways aren’t ignored by Vol’jin, Thrall, Cairne, or even Lor’themar (though Lor’themar would be the least likely to call her on it due to the weakened blood elf dependence on the Horde at this time). Given the troll superstitions about the undead in general, I’d say that Vol’jin would be the most wary and watchful of Sylvanas’ doings. You could argue, I suppose, that Lor’themar – who has the longer history with her as her former second-in-command in Silvermoon – might see the greater threat due to knowledge of her diligence and desire.

Sylvanas’ complete lack of emotion and concern for the humans or other living beings that she captures as test experiments (which is more than evident in the Arthas: Rise of the Lich King novel) makes her almost as bad – if not worse – than Arthas. Whereas Arthas’ path started with at least a desire to make things better at the moment of his turning down the dark path, Sylvanas has been driven by black revenge from the very beginning. Nothing good can come from that. She’s definitely more evil-aligned than Illidan Stormrage ever was.

The problem I am having is that, if she turns out to be a little evil and thus a killable boss at some point, who would lead the Forsaken after she is gone? The blood elves replaced Kael’thas Sunstrider with Lor’themar Theron pretty easily, but I don’t know who Blizzard could pop down to the Undercity to take control of the Forsaken. Assuming that, even after Arthas’ or Sylvanas’ demise, the undead state could not be cured (for game mechanic reasons), they would still need a leader.

It’s taken me a little while to put together a little back story for Elsinne. Thanks to alot of help from my buddy Arrens, over at Through the Eyes of Death, I was able to put this little bit of info together.

Even though she couldn’t make a fireball out of thin air to save her life, Elsinne Starsong was unimaginably agile. During her younger years she was constantly scolded for balancing on furniture and jumping around on rooftops. These artful displays went completely unappreciated by anyone until one day she met Elara. Elsinne was on her way home from the futility of arcane school one evening, walking carefully but effortlessly along the top rail of an iron fence. Elsinne gave little thought to this; it was a mindless activity. Elara, a petty thief who lived in Murder Row, was impressed by Elsinne’s almost musical motion.

Elara was a good twenty years older than Elsinne, but they became friends. Elsinne always had a bit of a rebellious streak and this played right into Elara’s hands. For some years, they would get themselves involved in mischief and petty crime. They’d never be discovered. Elara would eventually become part of a rogue society that operated out of Murder Row. Elsinne couldn’t join—her family would disown her in a heartbeat—but often Elara would meet with Elsinne in secret and give her private lessons. Elsinne always trained fast and often ended up performing even better than her teacher who had official training. The main lesson that Elsinne took from Elara was that of efficiency. Do what needed to be done. No more, no less. Nothing fancy. No showboating. Showing off is what gets people thrown in prison or killed.

As with most other surviving blood elves, Elsinne’s family was destroyed during the Scourge invasion. Her brother’s body, though, was never found. She searched for it for weeks after the Scourge had been driven back, but there was no sign of him. If it can be said that there was an upside to any of this, though, there was now nobody left to continue to push her towards arcane arts that she never had the aptitude for. She was free to leave the oppressive, authoritarian Silvermoon City without feeling that she was disappointing anyone. She left Silvermoon directed only by the winds and largely motivated by the desire to stay alive.

Other Interesting facts about Elsinne Starsong
Age: 72

Favorite color: White

Favorite activity: Swimming/Bathing

Favorite place: Mulgore (for meditation and Lake Stonebull)

Favorite race to deal with: Tauren—they appreciate peace and living simply, efficiently

Fears: Bears (also has a logical distrust of druids by extension)

Dislikes: orcs for their perceived savagery, humans for their recklessness, authoritarian societies (blood elf in particular), cold weather

Admires: Sylvanas Windrunner for her ability to inspire, lead, and command (Elsinne desires these abilities herself)

Friends: Elara

Family: None

When you find yourself in danger,
When you’re threatened by a stranger,
When it looks like you will take a lickin’,
There is someone waiting,
Who will hurry up and rescue you,
Just Call for Super Chicken!


The day finally came. Elsinne finished up another assignment last night in Thousand Needles and immediately headed back home to Silvermoon. She visited her rogue trainer, Elara. Elara wasn’t very excited to see Elsinne. She seemed to be in a bit of a funk. Elsinne wondered out loud if Elara hadn’t done her morning meditations. Elara didn’t respond. She’d talk when she was ready, but Elsinne would not likely return to Murder Row for some time. After completing her training, Elsinne checked out of Silvermoon and sprinted outside to get her Hawkstrider. As much as she dreaded riding around on it, she was happy to receive it. Her feet were calloused and even bruised from all of the rocks in Thousand Needles.

Fear me.

Fear me.

Elsinne is level 25 now and getting closer and closer to her first Horde ground mount. I would say that I’m excited, but I’m not.

Way back in vanilla WoW, I remember taking my first level 40 all the way out to Ratchet to get her spectacular felsteed. The fire pony was beyond awesome. Later, one of my night elves would get a kitty. It was beautiful. My paladin’s shiny mount reflected the sun into people’s eyes as they looked upon it in awe, possibly envy. Eventually, I would create a death knight and feel much love for the deathcharger, especially the ghoulish scream it would make when it was summoned. There would be many more mounts to follow as I would accumulate more PvP and reputation mounts. Some were more impressive than others.

Then I go to the Horde side. My first ground mount will be … a chicken. I should be thankful, I know. Running around the Barrens or Ashenvale on foot can be a bit tiresome. But … a chicken? Not one of the lions that are all over Eversong Woods and Ghostlands? Not even a turtle? A chicken? I never thought I would hear myself say that I would rather have a mechanostrider but … I’d rather have a mechanostrider. Sure hawkstrider sounds cool, but just look at it!


My last post got me thinking.

Well, specifically, it wasn’t my last post that got me thinking. It was my visit to Silvermoon last night combined with my last post.

I was hanging out in Silvermoon last night. It’s not a heavily populated city, as you know. But there was a little bit of traffic.

Where are all the female horde characters? I saw a couple of forsaken females hunched over, doing their business–maybe consuming one of their friends. Of course, lady sindorei are everywhere. But I don’t recall seeing a single female troll, tauren, or orc the whole time I was there.

Are they no longer allowed in the world? Is there some sexist action being taken against them in public?

At first I thought, well, maybe people don’t like lady trolls with their strange feet or girlie orcs because they feel sexually intimidated by them. But forsaken with their bones sticking through their sleeves and their bottom jaw missing completely from their heads, that’s not so bad?

I’ve been Alliance for years so I’m used to tons of female humans and night elves and gnomes. Though, come to think about it, there weren’t very many female dwarves running around either, except for the annoying NPCs selling their goodies in Ironforge.

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